OEM solutions

Tools coated with HTite® ensure unprecedented operational continuity due to their extraordinary wear resistance.

The areas most subject to wear are coated with alloys with a high chromium carbide and tungsten content.


HT Srl has a wide range of solutions suitable for the coating of parts subject to wear. At the specific request of the customer or according to the application, the following wear-resistant coatings are produced:
- HTite ®
- HTite®SprayCoat
- HTite®FuseCoat
- HTite®MigCoat
- HTite®PTACoat
- HTite®Braze

- HTite®Laserclad

HTite ®

It is a technological process that includes both the actual anti-wear alloy and the methodology for its application.
The filler material contains a high percentage of chromium carbides and tungsten.
The deposition of the alloy on the components is carried out at high temperature in a controlled atmosphere, a technique that ensures perfect adhesion of the coating with the base material.

The HTite® anti-wear coating is a top-quality coating made from coated material that is in no way polluted or diluted with the base material. It ensures perfect anchorage of the treated component to the metal. It can be applied to complex shapes and in positions that are difficult to reach with other coating techniques.
It can have thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 2.5mm*, greater in the areas of maximum wear and less in the less stressed areas.


With the HTite®SprayCoat process, powders containing tungsten carbide are used for coating surfaces, knife and blade edges, etc.
HT srl plants are controlled by anthropomorphic robots, which guarantee repeatability of processing and high deposit quality.
Subsequent remelting in controlled atmosphere furnaces ensures perfect adhesion of the coating material to the base metal.
All processing steps are carried out in HT Srl's Coating Department.


With the HTite®FuseCoat process, powders containing tungsten carbide are used for coating surfaces, blade and knife edges etc.

The HTite ®Fuse plant of HT srl is controlled by an anthropomorphic robot, which guarantees repeatability of processing and high deposit quality.
The melting of the alloy takes place during the deposition of the powder in a one-step "hot" process.


HT has robotic welding equipment with controlled-axis positioners for surface coating and cladding applications.
Coatings with wear-resistant wire, stellite, stainless steel are produced for small and large series.


The HTite®PTACoat coating is carried out on a robotic station to control the welding process in all its phases. The welding process is carried out by means of a plasma arc that melts the powder on the surface to be coated. The accurate control of penetration allows high quality and density of deposition of the materials used.
HT Srl performs coatings using Stellite powders, Tungsten Carbides, Stainless Steels, Tool Steels and Super Rapids.


With the HTite®Braze process, alloys with a high tungsten carbide content are deposited in coating thicknesses of up to 10 mm. The total absence of dilution in the base metal and the perfect adhesion of the brazing process.
HTite®Braze is particularly suitable for coating complex figures in small to medium series that do not require surface finishing.


We have an innovative and powerful laser coating cell. The plant is optimised for series processing of components in high volumes.

The HTite® Laserclad coating process ensures high adhesion of the coating to the substrate, with low levels of porosity, minimal deformation due to controlled energy transfer and very high process repeatability.

With this technology, combined with HT technicians' thirty years of know-how, proprietary powders are applied to optimise component performance while ensuring a competitive price.

Heat Treatments

HT performs heat treatments in-house using induction hardening and massive hardening in a controlled atmosphere.