HT Srl designs and manufactures mechanical components and wear parts. The company works closely with customers’ engineering and sales departments to find the best solutions in terms of quality and new market opportunities.


Since the beginning of its business, HT Srl has constantly innovated and expanded its systems with the most advanced wear-resistant coating methods.


HT Srl is an OEM component manufacturing company with over 30 years of experience in the field and extensive expertise in manufacturing parts for agricultural machinery.


We work with companies to deliver advanced product manufacturing process solutions that can be integrated into the production chain. We are in close contact with machine manufacturers and their R&D departments to ensure that our products are always innovative.

Our facilities have high production capacities so that we can manage production needs efficiently. As a strategic supplier, HT Srl understands the importance of providing a priority service in order to meet deadlines. HT Srl also provides the wear-resistant coating service to OEM companies, assisting them and integrating it into their production processes.

This commitment to customer service has strengthened our reputation as a just-in-time supplier.


We work hard to deliver the parts you need to your company when you need them.