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HT srl company is specialized in making tools for agricultural machinery, with a high resistance to wear.

Studying the use on very abrasive soils, HT srl has developed various anti-wear technologies, by using super alloys containing chrome and tungsten carbides, made both in traditional (MIG, MAG) and in innovative (PTA, FLAME SPRAYING, etc.) ways.
Thanks to the continuous technologic research, HT srl has been able to develop and make HTite® , the new anti-wear agricultural
tools covering having an extraordinary resistance to wear and, at the same time, a quite low cost.

HT s.r.l. manufactures coatings starting from the drawing and thanks to its internal equipment it can carry out every step of the manufacturing process:
- Plate plasma cutting with pantograph
- Coating welded with tungsten carbide alloy
- Finishing mechanical working